Summer STEM Program

This program, offered by the WVU Extension Office, is a fun way to get kids excited to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. It will be offered from 11am-12 pm on the following dates:

June 20: Stomp Rockets (Children will build and launch their own stomp rockets while learning about rocketry and motion)

June 27: Drones & Airplanes (Children will make their own copter drones and learn real world applications of drones and develop problem solving skills)

July 6: Soil/pH (Children will build their own water filters and make DIY pH strips; they will learn about soil erosion, pH, and water quality, as well as taking and testing soil samples)

July 11: Forestry and Conservation (Children will learn about trees, plant nutrition, and ecosystems through several hands-on activities; there will be forest sensory boxes)

July 18: Energy and Motion (Children will make balloon-powered rockets/boats, pop rocks balloons, and learn about energy, motion and kinetics)

July 25: Nutrition & Agriculture (Children will make their own butter, learn where food comes from and learn about the food groups and healthy eating)

August 1: Strawberry DNA/Biology Learning (Children will extract DNA from a strawberry to take home and learn about DNA and model cells)

August 8: Chemistry (Children will make coke-cola rockets, elephant toothpaste, and pom-pom atoms while learning about the atom, elements on the periodic table, and witnessing some simple reactions)