Safety Town is a one-week summer program that introduces safety awareness to pre-school and kindergaten children in a fun, interactive miniature town environment. Each day ill consist of vists from community professionals–like police and firemen–group safety lessons, songs and poems, driving trikes and bikes in “town,” and other hands-on experience to reinforce safety concepts. Topics covered will include: traffic and pedestrian safety, bike safety, stranger danger, bus safety seat belt use, water safety, calling 911, fire safety, and other appropriate topics.

Safety Town is being started by the Romney Ruritan Teens, and sponsored by Romney Ruritan, but we cannot do it without the community’s support.

We are in need of volunteers, financial sponsors, and guest speakers. Our long-term goal is to improve upon it each year and make it a permanent part of our community for generations. We plan to provide this yearly program free to any child able to attend and wish to provide every child in attendance with a bicycle helmet.

Current Needs:

  • New bicycle helmets or donations to purchase them
  • Tricycles, bicycles, or pedal cars in good shape
  • Street signs and traffic lights, either borrowed, donated, or made
  • Guest Speakers from: Police/Sherriff’s Department, Fire Department, bus garage, school nurse, etc.
  • Volunteers to paint on July 9th
  • Volunteers to help at event August 8th-12th