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Kid’s Space

We spent 2020 revitalizing our Children’s Room. Our goal was to make the area more accessible to all our youth in the county. We hope you feel we have succeeded.

The shelves are ordered in a natural progression of reading skill and marked with bright signs for each new advancement. They can start with parents in the board books section stretched out on our colorful ABC mat.

Our picture books are now organized in neighborhoods! This lets your budding reader pick their own books from the shelf and learn how to reshelf appropriately when they are finished! The neighborhoods are sorted by topic, where you can find such sections as Dinosaurs, Things That Go, Bears, and many more. There is even a parenting section that specializes in topics like emotions, hygiene, etc.

Once your young reader is reading on their own, they can progress to the Easy Reader section to begin picking out their very own chapter books. We have all the greats from Amelia Bedelia to Gerald and Piggie.

From there, your young reader can advance to our Junior Graphic Novels and Junior Fiction shelves showcasing novels in all genres.

The back wall houses our audiobooks and non-fiction offerings. A helpful Dewey Decimal owl is on the wall to help you find your favorite subjects, like Crafts, Camping, History, Poetry, etc.

We also have stimulating games and items to help develop creativity and enthusiasm for learning. In the board book section we have an activity cube to help develop fine motor skills, counting, color and shape identification.

In the center of the Children’s Room, we have a city ready to be moved into. There are vehicles of all kinds to drive down the city of streets of imagination.