Curbside Delivery

The Hampshire County Public Library is now offering curbside service, including book/DVD check out, contactless print services, and notary services.

How does the curbside service work? Patrons can call or email us to let us know what items they would like to check out and we will have those items ready within a 3 hour window to be picked up. For anyone who doesn’t have specific items in mind, we can put together a bag of books or DVDs based on author/actor or genre. If large print or audio books are preferred, please be sure to let us know when submitting the initial request. Once you arrive at the library, give us a call and we’ll bring your items out.

For print services, we will be picking items up from the blue basket on our table outdoors, bringing them inside to be copied/faxed and them bringing all items back out to patrons. If a patron needs an item printed, they can email it to us at and we will print the item and bring it out to the table.

Notary services will also be done at the table. Please call ahead to ensure that we have a notary on schedule that day.

Please call 304-822-3185 for any questions. Item requests can be submitted via phone or email.