Covid-19 Resources

We’ve assembled a list of resources for finding information during this time.

CDC: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has plenty of information on what symptoms of COVID look like, what precautions to take, and what to do if you think you have COVID. The CDC also has resources and guidelines for businesses, community and faith-based organizations, and hospitals and healthcare professionals.

WHO: The World Health Organization also has lots of good information on COVID, some from a global perspective. The “Your questions answered” and “Mythbusting” sections are especially helpful.

WV DHHR: The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources has been tracking the spread of COVID-19 in the state. They have links to the state COVID hotline, Workforce, health departments and information about the current stay-at-home order.

Corona Simulator: This article by The Washington Post discusses why it’s so important to “flatten the curve.” It includes simulations and graphics that help explain how the disease can spread and how social distancing can help reduce that spread.

Johns Hopkins map: John Hopkins University has created a map that is tracking how COVID is progressing worldwide.

Handwashing posters: The CDC has created a wide variety of handwashing posters than can be printed and used at no cost.

Brainpop COVID video: Brainpop created a short animated video that discusses COVID on a level appropriate for children. If a child you know has questions about what’s going on, this may be a good resource.

COVID zine: This NPR article contains a printable zine for kids and instructions on how to fold it.

Face mask article: This article from The Washington Post is a fairly comprehensive primer on DIY face masks, answering what they should be made of, including tutorials, and providing instructions for cleaning them.

Mask tutorials: The CDC has collected a variety of face mask tutorials. You will almost definitely find a tutorial to fit your abilities/the materials you have at hand.